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The Darkroom

Our darkroom features over 1200 square feet of dedicated darkroom space.

During your visit, you will have an array of enlargers to select from. 

A negative dryer and print dryers are also available. 



The Living Room

Talk shop and share ideas about art and photography over coffee in the living room. We have a library of photography books, free wifi, comfy chairs and a vinyl player. 


The Darkroom

Beyond our living room is our main working space. 

We have 8 enlargers that you can use during your time with us. We can print 35mm, medium format and Large Format images. 

Our wet side is fully equipped with photo-chemicals. Use our stash or bring your own. Trays and PPE are available in the lab. 



Our Equipment

Here is a list of the enlargers that we currently have:

Belfort Instrument COEN-91-B

Beseler Cadet II

Beseler Universal Colorhead

Beseler23-C Series II

A Negative Dryer and Print Dryers are available for your convenience. 

A large selection of tanks, reels, easels and filters are available to the community. 


Color Developing

We are able to assist you with developing your color film. Please let us know in advance if you plan on bringing color film. This will allow us to prepare the proper set up for you. 

Printing in color: We are currently working on building a new color lab. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

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